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How to Protect Against Coronavirus

  • By Cow Urine, 13-March-2020

Since late 2019, the world has had to face the growing threat of the latest coronavirus outbreak. The virus has been named SARS-CoV2 and the viral disease that it causes has been named COVID-19. As of now

Tips to avoid covid 19 - Corona tips

  • By Cow Urine, 07-March-2020

The term ‘coronavirus’, which was almost unheard of a few months back, is now on the lips of almost everybody in the world. But was it really that unheard of? And what really is it? And how should you take precautions against it?

Know The Effective Asthma Treatment in Ayurveda

  • By Cow Urine, 04-March-2020

Every asthma patient has different symptoms. Some patients experience frequent asthma attacks and others have only mild symptoms. Studies show that 5-15 percent of patients with asthma don’t find much relief even after taking high doses of medicinal drugs.

About Cow Urine

It is no surprise why we in India have a tradition of respecting and worshipping cows. Our ancient Ayurvedic texts like the Charak Samhita and the Atharva Veda identify cow urine as a powerful medicine. They called it Panchgavya. The treatment of disease using products obtained from cows milk, curd, ghee urine and dung.

Cow Urine when used as a form of medicine is known as cow urine therapy. In fact, the humble and unassuming cow has often been described as a mobile dispensary. Read all about research done by Mr Jain and his team of researchers and advisors on the elements that cow urine contains.

There are many types of cows. We will refer to the Indian cow. It's not surprising that the animal has been often referred to as a mobile dispensary.
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