Ayurvedic treatment for endocrine


There is a network of glands to produce chemical substances such as hormones and enzymes in our body and secrete these substances into the bloodstream hence called the endocrine system. The endocrine system includes eight major glands that produce hormones. These hormones affect the activities of other parts of the body. These hormones secreted in the blood help in controlling many important functions for the body for example, converting the existing calories into body energy to provide strength to cells and organs, controlling the metabolism of the body, development of bones, tissue, sexual activity and beating of the heart etc. These eight glands are- pituitary Gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, thymus gland, pancreatic gland, adrenal gland, penile gland and reproductive gland.

All of these glands spread in all different parts of the body secreting different hormones. These hormones pass through the bloodstream to other cells and play their role in controlling many processes of the body. When there is an imbalance in the hormones secreted by these glands as a result of any reason the endocrine system starts to get affected. The level of hormones produced by these glands in the body becomes too high or too low which causes interruptions in the functions related to these glands. Many diseases arise in the body and occur in different kinds of problems. Thus these diseases are called endocrine disorders.


Jain’s cow urine therapy clinic aims for a happy and healthy life by integrating ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with modern technology. Our therapy means cow urine including Ayurveda works on a person’s three doshas that are- The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These tri-energies maintain our health, any imbalance in these doshas, is responsible for human’s health and disease. We are glad to say that we have seen so many positive results through our treatment. Thousands of people got rid of many diseases after taking our treatment.

Our patients not only put an end to their disease but also live a disease-free healthy life forever. This is the reason why people are getting attention towards our therapy. Our years of research in Ayurvedic treatments have helped us advance our methodology. We aim to reach as many people as we can to build a healthy and happy society all over the world.

Effective Treatment By Cow Urine Therapy

A number of herbs, according to the cow urine therapeutic approach, work to rejuvenate body defects (Vata, bile and phlegm) which cause endocrine diseases if they are disproportionate. In some Ayurvedic drugs, there are several beneficial ingredients to treat them. It increases the body’s metabolism.

Quality of Life

Remedy with cow urine brings accurate fitness and maintains the doshas in order. Today as an end result of our medication human beings are continuously enhancing their health. It improves the condition of their day-to-day life. Ayurvedic drugs alongside cow urine can serve as a complementary remedy to limit a range of reactions that come from the usage of heavy doses, mental pressure, radiations and chemotherapies. We inform humans how to live a joyful and anxiety-free life with an untreatable disorder if any. Thousands of human beings live a balanced lifestyle after taking our remedy and it’s a big achievement for us to provide them a life they dream of. 

Complication Prevention

In Ayurveda, cow urine has a special position that is often said to be helpful for endocrine disorders. Our years of painstaking work prove that by using our herbs, almost all complications of endocrine vanish. Sufferers tell us that they notice a big relief in physical weakness and tiredness, control and balance hormonal and chemical changes in the body, improve the patient’s immune system that works favorably for other endocrine complications, control problems related to the brain and nervous system. 

Life Expectancy

If we speak about life expectancy, cow urine therapy itself is a lot of optimism. Any disorder, whether minor or critical, has a bad influence on the human body and persists for a period of years, often for life. Life expectancy is short until the condition is identified, but not with cow-urine treatment. Not only does our ancient medicine comfort the illness, but it also enhances the life of the man without leaving any contaminants in his body and this is our ultimate purpose.

Reducing Drug Dependency

“Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Sarve santu niramayah, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Maa kaschit dukha bhag-bhavet”, its capacity let all be happy, let all be free from disease, let all see the truth, may no-one experience suffering. By following this proverb, we prefer our society to be like this. Our remedy accomplishes this by way of giving reliable treatment, enhancing life expectancy and decreasing the drug dependency of affected people. Our remedy has greater benefits and nil risks than any psychological therapies available in this current world.

Reducing Recurrence Chances

In contrast to wide-ranging medical exercise, we focus on the root motive of the disease and elements that can improve the probabilities of sickness recurrence rather than focusing only on the management of disease through using this method, we are efficiently dropping recurrence costs and giving a brand new path to the human’s life as a way to stay their life in a better way each emotionally and bodily.

Causes of Endocrine Disorders

There are several common reasons for endocrine -

  • Autoimmune disease

Autoimmune disease is a serious reason for developing endocrine disorders that can cause a person to be in a very serious condition. When the body's immune system starts destroying the healthy tissue of the body in order to protect the body this condition is called autoimmune disease that damages the endocrine glands and causes many diseases like type 1 diabetes, grave disease, edison disease etc.

  • Obesity

Obesity causes excessive fat in the body, which reduces the body's immune system and affects the functioning of hormones and cells. Obesity causes many endocrine diseases like hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian syndrome etc.

  • Family history

Heredity is one of the underlying causes of many endocrine disorders. Many rare genetic conditions are passed from one member of the family to another and increase the imbalance of hormones leading to problems such as parathyroid, adrenal and thyroid gland tumors.

  • Endocrine gland injury

When there is an injury to an endocrine gland or when it is damaged due to any reason the balance of hormones produced by that affected gland is disturbed and many endocrine disorders start occurring. Injury caused by infection, external pressure, physical causes etc. causes gland failure.

  • Endocrine gland tumors

Abnormal growth in the cells of the endocrine glands leads to the development of tumors due to an imbalance in hormones. Cancers that develop in the thyroid gland, pancreatic, adrenal glands cause endocrine disorders that are classified as endocrine tumors.

  • Some medicines

Consumption of certain medicines inhibits the production of hormones by the endocrine glands, which increases the chances of mood disorders, sexual dysfunction etc. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors like medicines are associated with endocrine disorders which are responsible for improper hormone secretion. 

  • Infection

Physical infections affect hormone levels and damage the endocrine glands. These infections cause the overgrowth of some hormones and cause the origin of many disorders along with inflammation in the endocrine glands.


Prevention of Endocrine Disorders

A person can reduce the chances of endocrine disorder by following measures -

  • One should balance his weight and try to reduce the weight if overweight.
  • The person should consume nutritious food and low calories food.
  • Regular walks, exercises, yoga, workouts etc. help in making a person's body healthy
  • Habits like alcohol and excessive consumption of smoking should be discarded
  • Various efforts should be made to keep a person's immune system strong.
  • In old age a person should take special care of his health, food and drink etc.
  • One must maintain the level of sugar in his body.
  • A person's knowledge of his family history makes him aware of any diseases.
  • One should consume some medicines after proper consultation with the doctor.

Symptoms of Endocrine Disorders

Depending on the endocrine glands different symptoms and signs of endocrine disorders are seen in a person. With the following common signs of endocrine disorders are detected -

  • Muscle weakness
  • Physical weakness and tiredness
  • Vomiting, diarrhea and nausea
  • Numbness in hands and feet
  • Weight loss
  • Excessive urination
  • Joint and muscle aches
  • Headache
  • Excessive sweating
  • Excessive thirst or hunger
  • Change of vision


Types of Endocrine Disorders

There are many different types of endocrine disorders -

  • Type 1 and 2 diabetes
  • Thyroid
  • Thyroid gland cancer
  • Edison's disease
  • Graves' disease
  • Parathyroid
  • Cushing's syndrome
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  • Acromegaly.
  • Adrenal Insufficiency
  • Cushing's Syndrome
  • Cystic Fibrosis

Complications of Endocrine Disorders

A person suffering from endocrine disorders may face the following complications -

  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Nerve damage
  • Eye problems
  • Dental disease
  • Foot problem
  • Fatal situation
  • Decreased fertility
  • High blood pressure
  • Growth retardation
  • Problems in pregnancy of women

Different type of Endocrine Disorder



What is an endocrine disorder?

An endocrine disorder is a medical condition that affects the proper functioning of the endocrine system, which is responsible for hormone production and regulation. It can lead to hormonal imbalances. (Jain's Cowurine Therapy)

What causes endocrine disorders?

Endocrine disorders can be caused by various factors, including genetic predisposition, environmental factors, stress, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and sometimes unknown reasons. (Jain's Cowurine Therapy)

What is the cure for endocrine disorders?

(Jain's Cowurine Therapy) advocates a holistic approach to manage endocrine disorders. This includes incorporating Ayurvedic practices, lifestyle modifications, and using natural remedies, such as specific formulations based on cow urine therapy, to restore hormonal balance. It is essential to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance.

How can the treatment of endocrine disorders with cowurine address symptoms like hormonal imbalance?

Our products' ayurvedic constituents may provide relief for a range of symptoms related to hormone imbalance, enhancing comfort and overall wellbeing.

Is it possible to stop the advancement of endocrine disorders using Jain's Cowurine Therapy?

Our Ayurvedic method may improve general endocrine health, potentially contributing to a comprehensive approach to prevent the progression of endocrine disorders, even though it is not a preventive measure.

Does Jain's Cowurine Therapy for Endocrine Disorders come with any dietary guidelines?

Indeed, our specialists may offer dietary recommendations that support the advantages of cowurine therapy while meeting the unique requirements of those with endocrine disorders.

How frequently should I use the Jain Cowurine Therapy products to assist my endocrine system?

Observe the usage guidelines that come with our goods. It is essential to seek individualised recommendations from healthcare professionals regarding the frequency of use.

Is cowurine therapy appropriate for patients with endocrine disorders of varying ages?

Discuss the suitability of Jain's Cowurine Therapy with medical professionals depending on the patient's age and specific endocrine disorders.

Is it possible to cure endocrine disorders using Jain's Cowurine Therapy in addition to standard treatment?

Our goods are meant to be used in addition to traditional therapies. Consultation with healthcare professionals is necessary for a holistic strategy to managing Endocrine Disorders.

Does utilising Jain's Cowurine Therapy for Endocrine Disorders have any negative effects?

Because our products are made with natural ingredients, there is less chance of negative side effects. However, for tailored guidance, it's best to speak with medical professionals.

How precisely does cowurine therapy for endocrine disorders patients with thyroid malfunction function?

Products from Jain's Cowurine Therapy line might include herbs and other ingredients that are commonly used in Ayurveda to treat thyroid dysfunction, which could help those who suffer from this particular ailment.

Is it possible to combine hormone replacement therapy and Jain's Cowurine Therapy for Endocrine Disorders?

For a holistic approach to addressing endocrine disorders, consult with healthcare professionals to ascertain whether combining our products with hormone replacement treatment is compatible.

What makes Cowurine Therapy from Jain unique in treating Endocrine Disorders?

Our special Ayurvedic formulas combine traditional wisdom with a focus on holistic well-being to provide all-encompassing care for those with endocrine disorders.

How long does Jain's Cowurine Therapy take to start reducing the symptoms of endocrine disorders?

Responses from different people may differ. The key to getting the best effects with Jain's Cowurine Therapy is to utilise it consistently with a healthy lifestyle as part of an overall plan for managing endocrine disorders.

Is it possible to employ Jain's Cowurine Therapy for Endocrine Disorders associated with Diabetes?

It is advised to speak with medical professionals to ascertain whether Jain's Cowurine Therapy is appropriate for people with diabetes-related endocrine disorders.

Is older people with endocrine disorders a good candidate for Jain's cowurine therapy?

To ascertain whether Jain's Cowurine Therapy is appropriate for older patients with endocrine disorders, consultation with medical professionals is advised.

In what ways does cowurine therapy help with endocrine disorders by preserving the general balance of hormones?

Our products' Ayurvedic constituents may help maintain hormonal balance overall, which may help with issues pertaining to endocrine disorders.

Where can I buy Jain's remedies for supporting endocrine disorders with Cowurine Therapy?

To buy authentic Jain's Cowurine Therapy products, which are intended to provide Ayurvedic support for those with Endocrine Disorders, visit our official website or authorised distributors.

How might those suffering from endocrine disorders benefit from Jain's cowurine therapy?

Ayurvedic remedies are offered by Jain's Cowurine Therapy, which could help those with endocrine disorders.

Is it possible to combine traditional drugs and Jain's Cowurine Therapy for Endocrine Disorders?

For a complete approach to addressing endocrine disorders, speak with medical professionals to find out if mixing our products with traditional pharmaceuticals is compatible.