How to Protect Against Coronavirus

Since late 2019, the world has had to face the growing threat of the latest coronavirus outbreak. The virus has been named SARS-CoV2 and the viral disease that it causes has been named COVID-19. As of now, more than 95,000 cases have been reported worldwide and over 3,000 deaths have been confirmed.


The worldwide medical and scientific community is still to come up with a vaccine that can prevent the virus from infecting healthy individuals. In such a situation, a number of general preventive measures have been recommended by authorities and certain alternative treatments such as cow urine therapy have been popularized.

Over the course of this blog, we will take a look at all the steps that you can take to keep yourself safe from the contagious COVID-19.

#1: Cow Urine or Gomutra Treatment

Cows are revered in India not just for their holiness, but also for the variety of products that they give us. One of the cow products that have been in the limelight ever since the latest coronavirus outbreak is cow urine or gomutra.

For centuries, practitioners of alternative medicine in India have used cow urine to great effect. Gomutra has helped countless people to counter a wide variety of ailments and infection. As cow urine can drastically improve symptoms of viral infections, many around the world are turning to cow urine to counter the effects of SARS-CoV2.

The majority of deaths reported as a result of the coronavirus outbreak have been related to compromised immune systems. As cow urine strengthens the immune system, it can keep viral infections caused by SARS-CoV2 at bay

#2: Wash Hands with Soap and Water

One of the simplest ways to prevent COVID-19 is to keep washing your hands with soap and water frequently. Before eating, after eating and every time before and after you touch your mouth and cough and sneeze, you should remember to wash hands for at least 20 seconds. If you have children, encourage them to do the same.

#3: Wear a Facemask throughout the Day

Be it at home or in public, you should cover your nose and mouth at all times with a facemask. If you haven’t got a facemask already, it’s time to buy one for every member in your family. A facemask can protect you from inhaling and ingesting fine air particles that may contain the SARS-CoV2.

If you have fallen sick recently and suspect that you may be showing early signs and symptoms of COVID-19, you should wear a facemask to prevent the spread of virus through coughing and sneezing.

#4: Contact Medical Authorities in Your Area if You Show the Symptoms

As the early symptoms of COVID-19 are very much like symptoms of flu and common cold, it can be hard to tell whether you have a bout of seasonal flu or COVID-19 if you develop symptoms such as dry cough and fever.

If you are living in a state that already has been affected by the coronavirus with multiple infected people reported, then you should take the symptoms seriously. However, instead of directly approaching a doctor or hospital, you should call up medical authorities in your area. Be honest about the symptoms you have been experiencing and the authorities would tell you whether or not you have to be screened for the SARS-CoV2.

#5: Keep Frequently Touched Objects in Your House Clean

There are objects such as door knobs and handles that people in your house frequently touch. Make sure that you use a disinfectant to clean these objects on a daily basis. Viruses may stick to these objects if they are not clean and as other members of your family will also use these objects, they may be inadvertently develop a viral infection.

#6: Don’t Go to Crowded Places if Your Symptoms Worseny

As long as the spread of the virus is not contained, you should not venture into crowded places. Crowded and congested places are ideal for viruses to spread from one person to another and such places can easily afflict you with the SARS-CoV2 virus.

If you already have flu-like symptoms, you should not leave home at any cost, particularly if your symptoms worsen. Keep in frequent touch with concerned medical authorities to know the next step you have to take.

Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy is a provider of cow urine treatments based on the benefits of gomutra mentioned in ancient Hindu texts such as the Atharva Veda and the Charak Samhita. The therapies and treatments provided by Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy also derive heavily from the findings and research work of The Cow Urine Treatment and Research Centre.

Research conducted by The Cow Urine Treatment and Research Centre suggests that the presence of essential minerals and vitamins in cow urine promotes immune system strengthening. With a strengthened immune system, your body will be prepared to prevent severe viral infections caused by the SARS-CoV2.