What Is Cow Urine Therapy?

Cow urine has the power to treat many types of cancer and has been titled as anti-cancer-weapon by scientists of JAU (Junagadh Agricultural University). It is believed to cure common cancers like that of mouth, lungs, cervix, skin, breast and kidney. The four major cancer cell lines i.e. lung, kidney, cervix and mouth.

The cancer cells are proved to multiply ten times faster than normal cells. The currently used treatment to kill these cancer cells is chemotherapy which not only attacks cancer cells but also affects the normal cells and weakens the body. On the other hand, it is clinically proved that cow urine attacks only infected cells and helps the body to get rid of cancer from the root.

What Is Cow Urine Therapy?

The use of cow urine in the form of medicine is known as cow urine therapy. It includes the use of formulations based on cow urine.

Why Cow Urine Is Trusted For Medical Purposes?

Everybody is aware of the Indian tradition of worshipping the cows. The rich ancient scriptures like the Atharva Veda and the Charak Samhita have mentioned the powers of cow urine as a potent healer. They named it ‘Panchagavya (raw urine). There is a long history of the treatment of multiple diseases using cow products like milk, ghee, curd, dung and urine.

The reason behind the immense value of cow urine is, the magical medicinal properties of cow products. Cow urine contains so many enzymes, vitamins, and bio-active matter which are helpful in curing several diseases.

The analysis done by eminent researchers shows that cow urine contains almost 5100 compounds out of which 338 are of therapeutic value. Cow urine comprises of sulphur, nitrogen, phosphate, manganese, sodium, carbolic acid, silicon, iron, chlorine, malic, magnesium, titric, and citric. All essential vitamins named A, B, C, D, & E, calcium salts, minerals, enzymes, lactose, creatinine, and hormones made it a divine remedy.

Cow urine contains all those vital minerals and vitamins, deficiency of which causes serious disease, hence consumption of cow urine helps in treating multiple disorders by maintaining a balance in all these.

A person falls ill when there is a deficiency or excess of vitamins or minerals inside the body. The cow urine contains these substances, which are present in the human body. Therefore consumption of cow urine maintains the balance.

Cow Urine Therapy For Cancer:

Cow urine therapy has shown unbelievable results in the treatment of several diseases. Cow urine’s pharmacological properties include anti-tumour, analgesic, antioxidant, and antibacterial activities. It helps in reducing inflammation, fever and pain. It effectively protects the cells against the free radical effects causing damage to the body cells.

The JAU research team of Biotechnology dept., Junagadh has attained the results for anticancer activity from (Gir) cow urine extract against these 4 cancer cell lines namely, mouth, cervix, kidney and lung.

The anticancer and antioxidant properties of cow urine enable it to neutralize the oxidative stress. The cancer cure by cow urine has 84-89% success rate which has made it a worldwide choice over other options. Researchers have proved that the pesticides even at low dosages cause apoptosis of lymphocytes and tissues through the discontinuity of DNA while CU encourages the lymphocytes to get by restraining their apoptosis and by fixing the harmed DNA and is, in this way, successful as anticancer therapy.

Cow urine in a particular amount is scientifically proven excellent remedy which enhances the anti-microbial effects of antifungal and antibiotic agents. The discovery relates to an original use of cow urine as activity enhancer for bioactive molecules. It has direct inference in tremendously reducing the dosage of drugs, antibiotics, and anti-infective agent. It plays an important role in reducing side-effects and the cost of treatment.

What Dosage Of Cow Urine Is Effective?

It was administered that a particular amount of cow urine is required to kill cancer cells in the human body. Though a large number of patients are taking cancer treatment by cow urine nobody is aware of the exact dosage of it required to give the best results. Researchers found that cow urine in the dosage range of 114.50mg-201.521mg (microgram) is required to kill 3500 cells of cancer within 24hours. But, the results may vary according to the immunity level of the individual patient.

The cow urine extract against four major cancer cell lines to kill 3500 cancer cell in a day, is given as:

  • Cancer of Mouth- the amount of urine- 114.50mg
  • Cancer of Cervix- the amount of urine- 119.59mg
  • Cancer of Kidney- the amount of urine- 169.435mg
  • Cancer of Lungs- the amount of urine- 201.521mg

Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy:

Jain's cow urine therapy has treated various types of cancer, tumour, neoplasm and cysts. Many cancer patients felt the magical effects of cow urine in reducing their pain and suffering. The patients undergoing treatment for an ovarian tumour, benign prostatic hypertrophy, renal cell carcinoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, neurofibroma, oral cancer, and acute lymphoblastic cancer have shown significant improvement. The symptoms like difficulty in swallowing, low diet, constipation, severe pain, vomiting, and other disorders get significantly removed by following Jain’s expert instructions and treatment.

A number of clinical studies conducted on our herbals have proved their efficacy in treating cancer. And cow urine (CU) has been patented after deep research for its power to enhance the efficacy and absorption of anti-cancer drugs of modern medicine.

The well-researched and reaffirmed natural extracts used in our products have 100% anti-cancer pharmacological activities as in keeping with the advance sciences via CCRAS, a studies department of AYUSH (Government of India).

It is verified in the research conducted at the Cow Urine Treatment & Research Centre, Indore that cow urine is competent in fighting various diseases and disorders including disease like cancer and AIDS. Jain’s Cow Therapy clinic has got international approval for its effective therapy and cow urine-based products. The clinic has a long list of satisfied patients who admit, they got quick relief from their sufferings by Jain’s cow therapy and medicines.

The renowned clinic offers you all services at your doorsteps in case you won’t find it feasible to go to Indore. Patient’s relatives or friends may bring the clinical reports in person or you can also avail the benefit of a free consultation at the phone after sharing your medical reports via email or fax. Contact Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy Clinic, today for more information.