Traditional Uses Of Urine In History Of Indian Medicine

Although urine is a waste product of the body, it has multiple uses in our life. Urine contains mostly water along with few quantities of uric acid, urea, some hormones in different proportions and salts like calcium, phosphates, oxalates of sodium, etc. Many ancient practitioners of medical science have recognised the medicinal uses of urine, both externally and internally.

Due to the special sanctity related to the cow in India, cow urine therapy is most commonly used nowadays, but the urine of other animals like elephant, goat, buffalo, camel, horse, sheep, donkey etc also have many medicinal qualities. Therefore, their urine is used for the treatment of dropsy, flatulence, worms, anaemia, abdominal enlargements, loss of appetite, poison, abdominal tumour, tuberculosis, colic, haemorrhoids, leucoderma, leprosy, amenorrhoea, irritation of vata and kapha and in many other mental diseases.

Nowadays, urine medicine is very easily available in all parts of India. It is also very good for diabetic patients. Apart from this urine is also beneficial for those suffering from jaundice. It helps in increasing the appetite and improving digestion. Urine is a watery substance produced from interstitial fluids or blood by the process of re-absorption, tubular secretion and filtration. It also serves for the homeostasis of body liquids and flushing the unwanted molecules.

Cow Urine Therapy has a healing property for numerous other diseases including cancer. Urine is a substitute medicine promoted by a Hindu group in India. The cow urine therapy has a long Indian history, mainly in Ayurvedic medicine, prehistoric health care practice for over 5000 years. Some people may not like to drink cow urine straight away, therefore, Gomutra Ark, a soft drink based on cow urine has been introduced. This drink is promoted as a very healthy drink as compared to other drinks.

According to a research, it has been seen that cow urine is considered as gau jal ( cow water), meaning a drink full of healthy constituents. This study supports the traditional uses of cow urine therapy. Another study claimed that distilled cow urine might help in preventing the development of kidney stones in rats.

In earlier ayurvedic treatises, the urine is commonly mentioned as the main ingredient in different medical recipes and therapies. Interestingly, this therapy of waste from animals was pretty much in fashion.

Thus, keeping in mind the medicinal uses and properties of urine, the great sage and physicians have referred the urine as a very pungent-saline, slightly non-unctuous and sharp product, useful in poisoning, swelling of spleen, haemorrhoids, chronic skin diseases, acute distension, and fresh leprous lesions. Urine also helps in boosting up the appetite and digestion.

Following are the general descriptions and properties of urine as medicine in the ancient Indian medical system

1. Buffalo : For the treatment of any serious abdominal diseases, piles and Oedema, it has been prescribed to have the urine of a she-buffalo. This urine is also good for alleviating the problem of loss of appetite.

2. Camel : In the earlier times, the urine of camel has been suggested as the remedy for cough, piles and hiccups. The urine of camel is also useful in numerous abdominal ailments and to alleviate the problem of inflammation.

3. Ass : The Ass urine therapy benefits have been mentioned as a remedy for people suffering from insanity, epilepsy and in seizures. The mode of intake of this urine is mentioned as drinking it as it is. Apart from this, it is also helpful in curing diabetes and diseases caused by worms.

4. Cat : In the ancient times, it has been indicated that the urine of a cat is useful for the patients suffering from insanity and epilepsy. It is also used as an ingredient of inhalation of the fumes and as an eye-ointment.

Other Uses Of Urine

  • Medicinal uses

    Urine has numerous uses in all the spheres. It is an effective antibiotic and outstanding germicide. If it is taken on daily basis can cure many diseases and boosts up the immunity and digestion. In the last few decades, our ancestors have been healthier and stress free because they have not been eating the medicines, rather than that they have been taking cow urine for their problems.

    Some diseases which have been proven to be cured through cow urine are headache or Migraine, Cancer, Thyroid, Cough, Constipation, heart related diseases, Blood disorders, Skin diseases like ringworm, acne, Eczema, itching, etc, Respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, Gynaecological disorders, urological disorders, Endocrine disorders, Asthma, kidney shrinkage and many other dangerous diseases.

    Moreover, consumption of urine also helps in fastening the healing process in the body. It also helps in improving memory, lowering the cholesterol level, slowing the ageing process, etc.

  • In Agriculture

    Urine increases nitrogen component in the soil, thus, making it rich and more suitable for agriculture. It also boosts up the potassium content in the clover and grass. It has been observed that urine patches have increased pasture growth. Urine acts as a natural fertilizer full of the nutrients useful for agriculture.

  • Production Of Ovipositor Cues

    Earlier studies have proved that cow urine has a positive influence on ovipositor activities in mosquitoes whether it is fresh or one week older. The Oviposition Activity Index is positive in both the species but ws maximum in rainy season. Moreover, the existence of continued decomposition and chemicals of urine as by-products which might affect ovipositor attraction in mosquitoes.

  • As Bio-Enhancer And Bio-Pesticide

    Cow Urine is also beneficial in making Panchgawya, which is made from five cow products, i.e, curd, urine, dung, milk and ghee. This mixture is then used as pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture. According to earlier studies, it has been observed that cow urine is also used as an effective larvicide and pest controller, when used alone. Moreover, it is also used as a bio-enhancer.

  • For Good Rearing Of Honeybees

    Urine therapy cures are used in rearing honeybees. In many areas, urine is used for saving the bees from a wide variety of microbial diseases at the time of rearing bees. It facilitates rapid recovery in combs that are infected by the disease and promote the growth of clutch. Urine is also useful in curing the bacterial disease of honeybee.