Multiple Uses of Cow Urine

The cow is considered a sacred animal and its urine a divine medicine in Ayurveda. It is used for multiple purposes like a fertilizer & pesticide in agriculture, human medicine (for even chronicle diseases), and cosmetic products and many more. Uses of cow urine for skin are beyond imagination as it has a miraculous effect on human skin and also has been mentioned in Vedas as a body, mind and soul purifier.

Uses And Benefits Of Cow Urine:

Cow urine therapy is an excellent combination of compounds with multiple employments. Uses and benefits of this precious asset were not tapped to its maximum capacity until currently as it was just in the Hindu customs and Ayurvedic therapeutic plans. Recent research at JAU has found some traces of precious metal (gold) in it which has further strengthened the beliefs of Ayurveda in its miraculous properties. This incredible ingredient gives amazing results whether used in farming products, medicines, or cosmetics (a recent addition).

Uses Of Cow Urine As Medicine:

‘Panchagavya’ or unprocessed cow urine remained the most common ingredient of various medicinal formulations since ancient times. There are many Ayurveda texts that mentioned the magical effects of ‘gomutra’ to purify the human body, mind, and soul. Cow urine basically works as a toxic remover which cleanses the body to help it get rid of unwanted deposits causing illness.

Basically, the multipurpose cow urine when allowed to leave around for some time, the large number of harmless (to humans) bacteria settle in it and develop an eco-system. And, by drinking this high-on-bacteria urine, you essentially get a huge probiotic dose for your immune system. It is important to mention here that these top-up bacteria are best suited for the break-down of green vegetables and also helps in extracting nutrients from them. This way, when those bacteria get assimilated in your gut, you feel swift improvement in your digestive system. Your stamina of producing and absorbing the essential vitamins get boosted quickly. In short, cow urine is an all-in-one remedy for the treatment of multiple disorders, especially immune disorders.

Ultramodern Ayurveda practitioners have confirmed the therapeutic value of cow urine. Cow urine therapy has relived thousands of patients from a wide range of diseases like arthritis, asthma, cancer, leprosy, ulcers, liver disorders and many more. Cow urine is also approved by the global science associations as the Indian scientists are honoured with US patent for antibiotic and anticancer drugs produced from cow urine.

There are ample brands these days which are marketing cow urine based ayurvedic medicinal preparations for the treatment of multiple ailments but patients should ensure their authenticity by purchasing from experienced manufacturers only. Cow urine in its distilled form is being marketed as ‘gou arka’ by many companies for the wellness programme.

The issue of US licenses for anticancer drugs and the antibiotic formulation containing components from Indian cow urine has affirmed the integrity of its deep-rooted use in Ayurvedic preparations, as well as purifying procedures followed in Hindu religious ceremonies.

Uses Of Cow Urine For Skin:

The antiseptic and antibiotic nature of cow urine makes it suitable for many skin diseases. People who get frightened by the thought of tingling caused by antiseptic application to wounds have good news as they can use cow urine. Cow urine is accepted as equally effective as an antiseptic to heal a wound.

The major concern of present day generation is pollution, harmful radiations causing skin cancer and many other skin disorders all are curable by cow urine application either directly or in the form of some oil or cream. Cow urine is believed to have a supernatural property of curing skin diseases by reducing blood toxins. The use of cow urine for hair is also remarkable. It makes the head scalp healthy and hair shiny, strong and dandruff free.

Cow urine therapy has treated many skin diseases like psoriasis, freckles, leucoderma, leprosy, acne, sunburns, pimples, eczema and many more.

Uses Of Cow Urine In Cosmetics:

Cow urine uses are expanding with increasing faith of people in this valuable cow product. Items like cleansers, shampoos, soaps, creams, etc. are manufactured and advertised by various companies engaged with the protection of cows in India. Sri Sri Ayurveda and Patanjali are two well-known names that are developing gomutra containing cosmetic products for different purposes.

A wondrous molecule named allantoin has been confirmed in the analysis results of cow urine. It is an organic compound present in a few herbs and also has been found in cow urine. This ingredient or molecule has several positive effects essential for beauty products especially, skin products. The use of cow urine for acne scars is the most popular and effective (regular application is a must).

Some Other Uses Of Cow Urine:

Many cow urine promoters have also produced and marketed some other products rather than medicines or cosmetics, like sanitization products which may include floor cleaning liquids, hand wash, general cleaning lotions, etc. Some fitness products such as health drinks, massage creams for skin tightening etc. containing gomutra are also available in the market.

It is also helpful in easy honey bee rearing, increasing the nitrogen content of the soil, acts as bio-enhancer and pesticide for the fodder crops. Cow urine benefits for humans are countless if believed completely. This divine cow product is currently enjoying a huge market value at the international level. Many cattle farmers, practitioners of cowpathy, entrepreneurs are making big fortunes out of these products.

Endeavours of many cow urine believers and associations who got persuaded with the viability of this modest product for its diverse uses during the ongoing time have developed a lot of ubiquity and interest for cow urine currently.

At Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy clinic, we provide you with clinically proven cow urine products. The medical studies have shown that our products help to a great extent in getting relief from countless diseases like asthma, bronchitis, chronic cough & cold, chronic allergies, lung cystic fibrosis, breathing disorders, sinusitis, tuberculosis (TB), and many more. The patients with conditions like cancer of stage IV or AIDS also reach us for seeking relief and further improvement.