Ayurvedic Treatment of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura


From supplying oxygen to every part of the body, blood plays an important role in transporting nutrients obtained from food to the heart and other parts of the body and keeps the body healthy. It consists of blood plasma and blood particles or cells. Three blood cells, called red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, perform various functions to keep the blood circulatory system running smoothly. Red blood cells in each body provide oxygen to tissues and organs, white blood cells provide protection to the body from disease-causing bacteria and infections and platelets complete important tasks like making blood as well as stopping bleeding and protecting blood vessels. These three blood cells move throughout the body with the help of plasma and thus carry out their specific functions. 

Platelet blood cells are also known as thrombocytes. This blood cell is a colorless blood cell that stops the bleeding from the body. Whenever the blood vessels get damaged due to injury in the body, the platelets blood cells create a blockage in them by forming a blood clot and stop the bleeding. When due to any reasons these platelets’ blood cells are deficient in the blood this condition is called immune thrombocytopenia. Immune thrombocytopenia usually occurs when the immune system accidentally attacks and destroys platelets. In immune thrombocytopenia, platelet counts of blood are lower than normal platelet counts, in which this disorder causes excessive injury and bleeding. Immune thrombocytopenia can affect both children and adults.


Jain’s cow urine therapy clinic aims for a happy and healthy life by integrating ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with modern technology. Our therapy means cow urine including Ayurveda works on a person’s three doshas that are- The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These tri-energies maintain our health, any imbalance in these doshas, is responsible for human’s health and disease. We are glad to say that we have seen so many positive results through our treatment. Thousands of people got rid of many diseases after taking our treatment.

Our patients not only put an end to their disease but also live a disease-free healthy life forever. This is the reason why people are getting attention towards our therapy. Our years of research in Ayurvedic treatments have helped us advance our methodology. We aim to reach as many people as we can to build a healthy and happy society all over the world.

Effective Treatment By Cow Urine Therapy

Some herbs function to rejuvenate body defects (Vata, bile, and phlegm) which cause Immune thrombocytopenia if they are disproportionate, according to the cow urine therapeutic approach. There are many helpful ingredients in certain Ayurvedic medicines to treat them. It increases the body's metabolism.







Key herbs which makes the treatement more effective

Kanchnar Guggul

In Kachnar, Guggulu is a major part. The plant guggul tree is made from rubber resin. Guggulu's plant host decreases cholesterol, cleanses the blood, and increases blood supply. It also allows the lymph system to work and the release of toxins.


Sahajana can be the best food on plants, rich in iron. It provides a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12, which help preserve iron. Sahajana is the only way to avoid immune thrombocytopenia that rises iron levels significantly.


Giloy is a medicinal herb that has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antipyretic properties. Apart from increasing the platelet count, it is also an excellent immunity booster. Not only this, Giloy helps in overcoming weakness or debility occurring after chronic diseases, fever, and varied infections. It also improves the body’s response to infections and toxins, which helps in reducing the frequency of infections and enhances the excretion of toxins.


In different conditions including exhaustion, depression, anxiety, breakdown of the nervous system, loss of weight and many others, Ashwagandha is beneficial. It increases emotional and physical endurance. It is an ideal treatment for extreme immune thrombocytopenia, which helps alleviate exhaustion.


It allows the blood vessels to become dilated and the blood supply increases. Kalmegh has antioxidant features of andrographolide. It protects the blood vessels from lipid peroxidation damage.


Punarnava has diuretic properties to expel the body's waste water. Punarnava in Ayurveda has been used for the removal from the body for years of unnecessary Kapha dosha. This herb works on the counting of blood cells.


It leads to blood development and the treatment of immune thrombocytopenia. Vitamin C, iron, and calcium are highly rich. Amla also raises levels of hemoglobin and enhances red blood cell development.


Pippli is a rare herb with many aromatic qualities that have followed us throughout its generations. Pippli shows good properties of asthapanopagus (treats anemia), which treat illnesses such as immune thrombocytopenia.


Bhringaraj's umteen advantages include the Kapha visha nashaka (assistance to the destruction of Kapha doshas and toxins), the raktapitta, and Pandunut disorders (treats anemia). By these potent properties, Bhringaraj is commonly used for treating a number of health conditions such as anemia, immune thrombocytopenia.


Apart from boosting blood platelet count, Tulsi or Holy Basil lowers the stress level and boosts immunity. The herb has miraculous properties. This herb is rich in Iron, therefore can be used to treat Immune thrombocytopenia. It acts as a natural immune system booster and keeps infections at bay. It protects against nearly all infections from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Tulsi leaves extract increases the T helper cells and natural killer cells activity, boosting the immune system.


The plant has synergistic effects that can result from an increase in iron absorption from neem leaves. Neem also promotes healthy dilation of the blood vessels to facilitate circulation.


In treating Immune thrombocytopenia, anemia and iron deficiency Sonth is found to be effective. It helps to consume iron and has been considered useful as a complement to Immune thrombocytopenia therapy. Sonth contains antioxidant-rich foods that can keep the immune system safe.


Baheda provides different folk medicines to strengthen the immune system, kill pathogens or defend the body from various diseases, via its quarry of antioxidants and bioactive components. It also depicts potent antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that are highly successful in avoiding diseases that can lead to Immune thrombocytopenia and to overall health and well-being improved.


The herb Chitrak in Ayurveda is used as part of formulations for the treatment of various diseases such as Immune thrombocytopenia in alternative therapeutic systems. The key chemical element called plumbagin in Chitrak contributes to the improvement in immunity. It is also used for Vata and Kapha doshas pacification.


आयुर्वेद में जड़ी बूटी चित्रक को वैकल्पिक चिकित्सीय प्रणालियों में विभिन्न रोगों जैसे इम्यून थ्रोम्बोसाइटोपेनिया के उपचार के लिए योगों के भाग के रूप में उपयोग किया जाता है। चित्रक में प्लंबगिन नामक प्रमुख रासायनिक तत्व प्रतिरक्षा में सुधार में योगदान देता है। इसका उपयोग वात और कफ दोषों को शांत करने के लिए भी किया जाता है।


It is commonly used as a blood tonic agent as a common medicine. Its leaves could act as a vaccine. It increases blood production and neutralizes pathogenic agents. The immune system can therefore be strengthened by this herb.


Curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory and blood dilution or anticoagulant properties, is the active ingredient of Haldi. It strengthens the heart muscles and prevents lipid build-up in the blood vessels. Haldi is packed with a wide variety of medicinal ingredients that serve to improve immunity and scourge the body of bacteria, microbes and disease.

Gular Chhal

The immunity of our body needs copper. Copper provides us the ability to defeat bacteria and even helps to heal wounds. Gular Chhal contains a sufficient quantity of copper to resist Immune thrombocytopenia. It is important for our body's enzyme processes that assist in endothelial growth or treatment of the tissue.


Lupeol acetate, beta-amyrin acetate is the primary chemical component of this herb. Stigmasterol, alpha-spinasterol and sterols-beta sitosterol are also found in it. Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fictional and calming properties, the plant has its worth in Ayurvedic, which can help to avoid Immune thrombocytopenia.


Shilajit is rich in humic acid and iron, which can aid in the treatment of Immune thrombocytopenia from iron deficiency. Shilajit, a natural ore, is helping to keep the blood well. Shilajit can be used daily by our body as a dietary supplement. The tri-energy of the organ - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha - can be preserved through this herb.

Amla Green

Amla green is a perfect vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, iron and calcium source. It has high concentrations of alkaloids, polyphenols and flavonoids. Amla green has antibacterial properties that enhance immunity and anti-inflammatory properties.


Shatavari has cooling and relaxing effects that can lead to Vata and Pitta restoration and balance (two of the three doshas). The rejuvenating and nutritious benefits are in this herb. The root extract of Shatavari has enhanced antibodies, so Shatavari is used to improve immunity in Ayurveda.


Ghee or butter ghee, depending on the type of pitta or Vata of anemia, can also be helpful. A lot of good fats, including vitamins A, E and D, are found in Ghee. Ghee is filled with antioxidants that stimulate the immune system by an increased the ability of the body to absorb vital nutrients.


For the "tired blood," (anemia) Gokhru is beneficial. It's one of the great ways that a person feels good and safe to increase stamina and vitality. Gokhru has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties that are shown to be effective at increasing physical ability.


Because of the enzymes in the root plant, Mulethi is believed to improve immunity. It assists the body in the development of lymphocytes and macrophages that protect the body from autoimmune disorders triggered by Immune thrombocytopenia of bacteria, cells and.

Tarpin Ka Tel

Tarpin ka tel is a blend of different plants. It primarily contains alpha-pinene. The heat and redness of tarpin oil help relieve pressure in the tissue, thereby relieving discomfort in the underlying tissue.

Til Oil

Til oil is filled with antioxidants. It includes lignans, sesamol and sesamol, along with vitamin E and phytosterols. These compounds help combat free radicals in the body that can reduce the risk of chronic disease growth.


Kapoor has many topical applications and is an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent. The treatment of skin conditions will help alleviate pain. Kapoor has many biological properties, including insecticidal, antiviral, cancer, and anti-sticking activity as well as its use as an enhancement agent for skin penetration.


We use gojala in our cow-urine therapy, basically it means cow-urine extract, the main component in our medicine. This extract is made of the urine of the indigenous breeds of cow. Gojala has its own benefits because it’s beyond the possibility of any kind of contamination. It has high quality and is abundant. When gojala mixed with ayurvedic herbs it becomes more effective to treat any disease and favourable to the consequence of the particular disease. This extract is superimly tested and that’s why it’s more trustable and beneficial as well.

Quality of Life

Cow urine treatment brings good health and keeps the doshas in balance. Today as a result of our treatment people are constantly improving their health. It improves the quality of their daily life. Ayurvedic medicines along with cow urine can serve as a complementary therapy to reduce various side effects that come from using heavy doses, mental pressure, radiations, and chemotherapies. We guide people on how to live a happy and tension-free life with an untreatable disease if any. Thousands of people live a balanced life after taking our therapy and it’s a big achievement for us to give them a life they dream of.

Complication Prevention

Gomutra has a unique significance in Ayurveda, which has also been shown to be useful for diseases such as immune thrombocytopenia. Our years of hard work show that many complications of immune thrombocytopenia disappear with the use of our herbal medicines. Sufferers tell us that they feel great relief in injury, extreme fatigue and weakness, abnormal bleeding from the gums or nose, blood in urine or feces, abnormally heavy menstrual flow, superficial bleeding in the skin, red-purple spots on the skin, or rashes, etc and see improvement in the immune system which works in harmony with other immune thrombocytopenia.

Life Expectancy

If we talk about life expectancy, cow urine therapy itself is a big hope. Any disease, whether it is small in scale or at a critical stage, will have a negative impact on the human body and it will exist for several years, sometimes even a lifetime. Once the disease is identified, the life expectancy is very short, but not with cow urine therapy. Our ancient therapy not only relieves the disease but also prolongs the person’s lifespan without leaving any toxins in the body. This is our ultimate goal.

Reducing Drug Dependency

“Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Sarve santu niramayah, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Maa kaschit dukha bhag-bhavet”, its capacity let all be happy, let all be free from disease, let all see the truth, may no-one experience suffering. By following this proverb, we prefer our society to be like this. Our remedy accomplishes this by way of giving reliable treatment, enhancing life expectancy, and decreasing the drug dependency of affected people. Our remedy has greater benefits and nil risks than any psychological therapies available in this current world.

Reducing Recurrence Chances

In comparison to a wide range of medical practices, we focus on the root cause of the disease and the factors that may increase the chance of disease recurrence, not just the management of the disease. By using this method, we have successfully reduced the recurrence rate and pointed out a new direction for people's lives so that people can live better emotionally and physically.

Causes of Immune Thrombocytopenia

The causes of immune thrombocytopenia include -

  • Autoimmune disorder

The human immune system begins to target platelets found in the bone marrow to make blood cells dangerous to the body in certain situations. As a result, the immune system begins to destroy the platelets’ blood cells which cause a decrease in the number of platelets and the person has problems with immune thrombocytopenia.

  • Infection

Some infections can result in a person being at risk of having immune thrombocytopenia. HIV, hepatitis, or H Infections with pylori and the type of bacteria that cause stomach ulcers can help activate immune thrombocytopenia.

  • Some diseases

The risk of immune thrombocytopenia is found to be higher in people who also have diseases such as arthritis, lupus, and antiphospholipid syndrome.

  • Bone marrow disorder

Those who may have a bone marrow disorder can have immune thrombocytopenia. Having a problem with bone marrow may reduce the number of platelets. Some of the following disorders like leukemia, anemia can highlight this problem.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption

Those people who consume alcohol continuously and excessively for a long time can be helpful in reducing the number of platelets in their body, due to the harmful substances located in alcohol. In such cases, those individuals are more at risk of having immune thrombocytopenia. 

  • Intake of chemotherapy drugs

Individuals who are taking chemotherapy medicines to treat any cancer may be at risk of immune thrombocytopenia. These drugs may be responsible for reducing the number of platelets by damaging blood cells.

Prevention from Immune Thrombocytopenia

Some of the following healthy efforts can reduce its symptoms and complications -

  • A person should completely abandon habits like excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • The use of proper and advanced nutritional food proves positive for human health.
  • A good, healthy and strong immune system helps to keep the body fit and healthy and prevents infection.
  • Activities like regular exercise, yoga, workouts keep the body strong.
  • Poor lifestyles and changes in eating habits are beneficial for a person's health.
  • The person should avoid taking over-the-counter medicines to avoid harmful side effects.

Symptoms of Immune Thrombocytopenia

Symptoms and signs of immune thrombocytopenia include -

  • Bruise easily
  • Extreme fatigue and weakness
  • Abnormal bleeding from gums or nose
  • Blood in urine or stool
  • Abnormally heavy menstrual flow in women
  • Surface bleeding in the skin
  • Red-purple spots or rashes on the skin


Types of Immune Thrombocytopenia

Immune thrombocytopenia is mainly of two types -

  • Acute Immune Thrombocytopenia

It is believed to be the most common type of immune thrombocytopenia. Acute immune thrombocytopenia is temporary or short-term and is usually more common in children. Acute immune thrombocytopenia has a duration of fewer than six months. Frequent viral infections are believed to be responsible for this problem.

  • Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia

The condition of long-lasting immune thrombocytopenia is called chronic immune thrombocytopenia. Autoimmune disorders often cause this type of problem. Chronic immune thrombocytopenia can irritate a person from six months to years.

Complications of Immune Thrombocytopenia

A condition of immune thrombocytopenia can cause a person with the following complications -

  • A person may have blood loss due to the continuous flow of blood by some injury and wound.
  • The person may have anemia.
  • Excessive fatigue and weakness leads to a reduction in a person's daily activities
  • A person may have internal bleeding which can be dangerous for their life.
  • A person can have serious infections.
  • The life expectancy of the person starts decreasing.



What is Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Immune Thrombocytopenia, also known as ITP, is a condition where the immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys platelets, leading to a low platelet count in the blood.

What causes Immune Thrombocytopenia?

The exact cause of ITP is not well understood, but Jain's Cowurine Therapy recommends consulting with healthcare professionals for a comprehensive diagnosis and understanding.

How can Jain's Cowurine Therapy help treat ITP?

Jain's Cowurine Therapy emphasizes a holistic approach, incorporating Ayurvedic principles to support overall well-being. Specific treatments may include herbal formulations and lifestyle recommendations. It's essential to consult with healthcare experts for personalized guidance.

What preventive measures can be taken against ITP?

Jain's Cowurine Therapy advocates a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, stress management, and incorporating Ayurvedic practices

Can Jain's Cowurine Therapy prevent the recurrence of Immune Thrombocytopenia?

While not a preventive measure, our Ayurvedic approach may support overall well-being, potentially contributing to a well-rounded approach to preventing the recurrence of Immune Thrombocytopenia.

Are there dietary recommendations to follow along with Jain's Cowurine Therapy for Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Yes, our experts may provide dietary suggestions that complement the benefits of Cowurine Therapy, catering to the specific needs of individuals dealing with Immune Thrombocytopenia.

How often should I use Jain's Cowurine Therapy products for Immune Thrombocytopenia support?

Follow the usage instructions provided with our products. Consulting with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance on the frequency of use is advisable.

Is Cowurine Therapy suitable for individuals at different ages with Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Consult with healthcare providers to determine the appropriateness of Jain's Cowurine Therapy based on the specific age and individual health conditions of Immune Thrombocytopenia.

Can Jain's Cowurine Therapy be used as a complementary approach to Immune Thrombocytopenia treatment?

Our products are intended to complement conventional treatments. Consultation with healthcare professionals is crucial for a comprehensive approach to managing Immune Thrombocytopenia.

Are there any side effects associated with using Jain's Cowurine Therapy for Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Our products are crafted from natural ingredients, minimizing the risk of adverse effects. However, it's advisable to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice.

How does Cowurine Therapy work specifically for individuals with persistent bleeding in Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Jain's Cowurine Therapy products may contain herbs and compounds traditionally used in Ayurveda to address persistent bleeding associated with Immune Thrombocytopenia, potentially aiding individuals with this specific condition.

Can Jain's Cowurine Therapy be used alongside other therapies for immune system modulation in Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Consult with healthcare professionals to determine the compatibility of combining our products with other therapies for immune system modulation in Immune Thrombocytopenia.

What sets Jain's Cowurine Therapy apart in addressing Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Our unique Ayurvedic formulations focus on holistic well-being, incorporating traditional wisdom to offer comprehensive support for individuals with Immune Thrombocytopenia.

How long does it take to see results with Jain's Cowurine Therapy in managing Immune Thrombocytopenia symptoms?

Individual responses may vary. Consistent use, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, is key for optimal results when incorporating Jain's Cowurine Therapy into the overall management plan for Immune Thrombocytopenia.

Can Jain's Cowurine Therapy be used in cases of refractory Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Consultation with healthcare providers is recommended to determine the suitability of Jain's Cowurine Therapy for individuals dealing with refractory Immune Thrombocytopenia.

Is Jain's Cowurine Therapy suitable for children with Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Consultation with pediatric healthcare professionals is recommended to determine the suitability of Jain's Cowurine Therapy for children dealing with Immune Thrombocytopenia.

How does Cowurine Therapy contribute to immune system balance in Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Ayurvedic ingredients in our products may offer support for immune system balance, potentially addressing concerns related to Immune Thrombocytopenia.

Where can I purchase Jain's Cowurine Therapy products for Immune Thrombocytopenia support?

Visit our official website or authorized distributors to purchase genuine Jain's Cowurine Therapy products designed to offer Ayurvedic support for individuals dealing with Immune Thrombocytopenia.

How can Jain's Cowurine Therapy support individuals with Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Jain's Cowurine Therapy offers Ayurvedic solutions that may provide support for individuals dealing with Immune Thrombocytopenia.

How does Cowurine Therapy address symptoms such as low platelet counts in Immune Thrombocytopenia?

Ayurvedic ingredients in our products may offer support for various symptoms associated with low platelet counts in Immune Thrombocytopenia, promoting comfort and well-being.