How can use of cow urine therapy help to improve the quality of life

Nowadays, people have known the value of cow and its urine from the latest researches. The cow urine is used to cure numerous medical problems like cancer, constipation, tumor, cysts, breast cancer, diabetes, low appetite, body pain, etc. The cow’s urine is a divine medication for people suffering from fits, blood pressure, asthma, eczema, thyroid, heart related diseases, cancer, piles, AIDS, migraine, ulcers, prostrate, acidity, psoriasis and gynecological problems, etc.

Therefore, there are so many uses of cow urine but not everybody uses it for their treatment. Let us tell you how to use cow urine to improve the quality of life in detail.

Cow urine is used for skin:

You must be glad to know that with the help of cow urine you can get rid of pimples, sunburns, eczema, acne, leucoderma, freckles or any other skin problems. It is considered as the best treatment for many hair related common problems like dandruff, hair fall. Cow urine can also help in boosting the hair growth and making the hair shiny and strong.

Moreover, if you have a fear of tickling sensation from applying an antiseptic on the wounds, you can use cow urine to get rid of it. Due to the harmful radiations of the sun and ever-growing pollution, there are many skin disorders, which can be treated by using cow urine. Cow urine is suitable for skin as it has both antibiotic and antiseptic nature.

Cow urine as a medicine:

Many researches on cow urine have proved its magical effects. Since ancient times, the unprocessed cow urine also known as Panchagavya is the most rarely used ingredient of numerous medicines. Many Ayurveda texts have also proved it as the divine medicine.

Cow urine works directly on the body by acting as a toxic remover that cleanses the unwanted deposits in the body that results in illness. It also boosts up the immunity system of the individuals. Moreover, cow urine also improves the digestive system and stamina of absorbing the necessary nutrients.

However, there are thousands of patients who have got relived from various diseases like cancer, asthma, liver disorders, kidney disorders, blood pressure, arthritis, leprosy, ulcers, etc. Therefore, cow urine is approved as the best medicine for people by the global science associations and the Indian scientists have been honored with US patent for anticancer and antibiotic medicines that are created from cow urine.

Cow urine also used in cosmetics:

Nowadays, with the increasing demand and faith of people in the valuable products from cow urine, many shampoos, cleaners, creams, soaps, etc. are advertised and manufactured by numerous companies, that are engrossed with the protection of cows. Many other cosmetic products are available in the market these days. As cow, urine has many essential molecules, so it is used in many other cosmetic products. It is a natural compound and can be used to make skin creams. The best use of cow urine is for acnes and pimples.

Cow urine a boon for agriculture:

Cow urine is very beneficial in agriculture. It has rich nutrients and boosts up the soil fertility and crop productivity. Moreover, it is very economical in cost as it is a natural product, due to which the farmer’s expenses are reduced on a large scale. In today`s scenario, as there is a lot of need of organic and eco-friendly products, cow urine is used in agriculture.

Besides nutrients, cow urine is also rich in sulphur, nitrogen, sodium, potassium, manganese, phosphate, iron, carbolic acid, silicon, salt, hormones, chlorine and enzyme. Not only this, cow urine is also a good and effective pest repellent as well as a natural disinfectant. It works best as an organic fertilizer to improve the fertility of the soil and boosts up the crop production.

In fact, the cow urine is not a poisonous effluent as it contains 95% of water, 2.5% minerals, hormones, salts and enzyme the remaining 2.5% is urea. It is also a product of ecological sanitation for crops and plants. Moreover, cow urine also boosts up the growth of the crops and plants.

Cow urine is used for weight loss and reduces stress:

Apart from all this, cow urine is also beneficial in reducing weight as it controls the hormones in the human body. Moreover, it also helps in reducing stress, which is common problem nowadays. Cow urine treatment boosts the immunity system and helps in lowering the cholesterol level. It has properties of slowing down the diseases related to stress.

As an eco-friendly power resource:

You can produce around 1W of power supply from replenishing 5 litres of cow urine. As there are many ions, an alkaline pH and salts that build up an ultimate electrolyte. Therefore, it can be an eco-friendly electricity power supply.

Cow urine also improves memory and slows the ageing process:

These days, cow urine is widely used as a memory power enhancer for all the ages. Moreover, it is very beneficial in slowing down the ageing process and thus used by females largely.

Cow urine as an efficient fungicide:

Cow urine is more effective than lemon juice and neem due its remarkable antioxidant properties. It is thus, largely used to cure dandruff as it stops the development of Malessezia fungi that is responsible for causing dandruff.

Other uses of cow urine:

Many sanitization products like hand wash, cleaning lotions, floor cleaner liquids, etc. may include cow urine. Cow urine is also used in fitness products like energy drinks, massage creams for tightening the skin. Therefore, cow urine has uncountable benefits. It has been enjoying an enormous market value internationally. Cow urine also cures the most common problem like kidney stones, swelling of spleen and loss of appetite.

To conclude, we can say that cow urine should be used in every home as it has countless uses. We at Jain’s cow urine therapy clinic, provide several treatments and medicines. We have a long list of patients who have received best results. We suggest you to drink cow urine directly also as it does not have any side effects. We also give free consultation on phone if you share your reports with us through fax or email. Feel free to contact us for more details.