Varicocele Treatment


The testicle is the thallium structure present in men, which is located below the pelvis and between the two thighs in men. There are two sacs known as the scrotum inside this testicle. Millions of sperm cells are produced in this scrotum. The testicles collect and protect these sperm cells. The testicle also produces a male hormone called testosterone. This hormone helps the development of sperm in men. There are many nerves, arteries, and veins attached to the testicles and their scrotum which provide blood to the reproductive glands of the person. The blood in these veins is transmitted to the body and heart through the testicles and their scrotum. This valve is one way that helps in sending blood in the veins in a direction towards the larger veins.

For some reason, these valves which transmit blood get defective, it is unable to flow the blood from the testicles and testicles sacs to the heart, due to which blood starts collecting in the testicles and scrotum, and swelling occurs in the veins of the surrounding areas. This problem is called varicocele. There is a problem of neuralgia due to inflammation which has a bad effect on the reproduction of men. Also, this problem can cause the shrinking of the testicle. Generally, these problems affect men most commonly, ranging in age from fifteen to twenty-five years. The varicocele is usually the most to the left of the testicle.


Jain’s cow urine therapy clinic aims for a happy and healthy life by integrating ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with modern technology. Our therapy means cow urine including Ayurveda works on a person’s three doshas that are- The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These tri-energies maintain our health, any imbalance in these doshas, is responsible for human’s health and disease. We are glad to say that we have seen so many positive results through our treatment. Thousands of people got rid of many diseases after taking our treatment.

Our patients not only put an end to their disease but also live a disease-free healthy life forever. This is the reason why people are getting attention towards our therapy. Our years of research in Ayurvedic treatments have helped us advance our methodology. We aim to reach as many people as we can to build a healthy and happy society all over the world.

Effective Treatment By Cow Urine Therapy (Varicocele Ayurvedic treatment)

According to the cow urine therapeutic approach some herbs work to rejuvenate physique defects (Vata, bile, and phlegm) which cause Varicocele if they are disproportionated. Some Ayurvedic drugs incorporate many really helpful elements to deal with them. It improves the metabolism of the physique.



Key herbs which makes the treatement more effective


It is an effective herb that is most suited for supporting healthy blood circulation. It helps maintain healthy veins and blood vessels as well. It is a very powerful health supplement for maintaining both nerves and blood vessels.


This herb balances the three body energies which maintain homeostasis in the body. It is a very effective natural supplement for maintaining healthy blood vessels It supports healthy cells and maintains the body as a whole.


It can be used to manage the symptoms of varicocele in a safe and effective manner. It possesses analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to reduce pain and prevent damage to the valves in the veins. This can be beneficial for preventing the progress of the condition.


Punarnava can be used to reduce the risk of complications of varicoceles. It can help restore the balance of hormones in the body. It can enhance sperm production and thus, prevent infertility.


Ayurvedic treatment of varicocele using Shatavari can help to reduce pain, discomfort, and swelling in the testicles. It can prevent the worsening of the condition by improving the strength of the valves in the veins.


It helps to relieve pain and swelling caused due to a varicocele. This herb acts as a natural antioxidant and protects the damaged valves against free radicals. This herb can control the progress of this disease.


It can be used for effective varicocele and infertility management. It can help to provide relief from the symptoms of varicocele by producing an analgesic effect. It can prevent the backflow of blood by strengthening the valves in the veins.


This natural approach is very effective, helps manage the pH of the entire body, and ensures that the body eliminates toxins from the inside. Tulsi helps support the body to heal itself.


It can help to improve the fertility of men affected by varicocele. It can stimulate sperm production and improve sperm motility. It can also prevent the progress of varicoceles by improving blood circulation.


This herb treats varicocele by preventing the symptoms and progress of the disease. The herb possesses strong medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory and anti analgesic that offer an effective varicocele pain relief. This herb also helps in maintaining the balance of the three doshas thus preventing the complications such as infertility.


We use gojala in our cow-urine therapy, basically it means cow-urine extract, the main component in our medicine. This extract is made of the urine of the indigenous breeds of cow. Gojala has its own benefits because it’s beyond the possibility of any kind of contamination. It has high quality and is abundant. When gojala mixed with ayurvedic herbs it becomes more effective to treat any disease and favourable to the consequence of the particular disease. This extract is superimly tested and that’s why it’s more trustable and beneficial as well.

Quality of Life

Treatment of cow urine brings suitable fitness and retains the level of doshas. These days as a result of our treatment people are constantly enhancing their health. It improves the quality of their everyday life. Ayurvedic drug treatments alongside cow urine can function as a complementary therapy to reduce various aftereffects that come from the usage of heavy doses, intellectual strain, radiations, and chemotherapies. We guide people, a way to stay a glad and tension-free life with an untreatable disease if any. Thousands of humans live a balanced life after taking our remedy and it’s a massive fulfillment for us to give them a lifestyle they dream of.

Complication Prevention

Gomutra has a special place in Ayurveda which is also considered beneficial for varicocele. Our years of hard work show that almost many complications of varicocele disappear with the use of Ayurvedic herbs. Our patients feel a great relief in pain in their testicles, swelling in the veins, increase in the size of the testicles, lumps in the scrotum, more pain during walking, sitting, and standing, increased pain during physical exertion, swelling of the testicles, heaviness in the testicles, stretchiness in the testicle, a particular discomfort in the testicle or the scrotum, etc. Also, it improves the patient's immune system that works favorably for other varicocele complications.

Reducing Drug Dependency

“Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Sarve santu niramayah, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Maa kaschit dukha bhag-bhavet”, its capacity let all be happy, let all be free from disease, let all see the truth, may no-one experience suffering. By following this proverb, we prefer our society to be like this. Our remedy accomplishes this by way of giving reliable treatment, enhancing life expectancy, and decreasing the drug dependency of affected people. Our remedy has greater benefits and nil risks than any psychological therapies available in this current world.

Reducing Recurrence Chances

In comparison to wide-ranging general practice, we concentrate on the underlying cause of the disease and causes that may increase the chances of recurrence of the disease rather than relying exclusively on disease control. We are effectively decreasing recurrence rates by implementing this approach and providing a different path to the lives of people so that they can live their lives mentally and physically in a healthier way.

Causes of Varicocele

No cause and risk factors are known and determined that affect varicocele in men. However, some factors may be considered responsible for exacerbating this problem -

  • Digestive system problems

If the Vata dosha remains unbalanced in a person's body, it causes many problems related to the digestive system. These problems also affect their liver, intestines, due to which the person has indigestion, constipation, colitis, and many other problems related to the digestive system. Due to these problems, the person's Vata becomes unbalanced by which the blood flow of the body is disturbed. And this impaired blood flow can affect the testicles and the person may have varicocele.

  • Heavy workout

If a person does exercise or work out more than the capacity of the body for a long period, the blood flow in their body becomes abnormal. This abnormal blood flow can also affect blood flow through the veins in the testicle, causing a risk of varicocele in the testicle.

  • Heavy weight lifting

Due to the process of lifting heavyweight over the limit, the blood flow in the person's body is not normal. This condition can cause a person to have varicocele after a long time.

  • Athletes

A person associated with some sports can have varicocele problems as a result of excessive physical activity in their life for a long time.

  • Obesity

Men whose weight is much higher than normal are at a higher risk of having varicocele. A person's weight and excess body fat reduce the level of blood flow and this problem can cause their varicocele.


Prevention from Varicocele

By making some changes in lifestyle, a person can stay away from the problem of varicocele and stop it from growing -

  • A sportsman should always wear athletic supporters during sports activities.
  • People with increased weight should lose their weight and focus on maintaining a balanced weight.
  • Some yoga and exercise promote blood circulation in the testicles, so a person suffering from varicocele should do these activities regularly.
  • Consuming a proper and healthy diet can help a person reduce the progress of varicocele.
  • A person should avoid consuming foods that affect the functions of the digestive system.
  • A person should avoid activities that cause discomfort to the testicles.
  • A person should wear a supportive garment to avoid pressure on the testicles during prolonged standing.

Symptoms of Varicocele

Most men do not experience the symptoms of varicocele, but through some of the following symptoms and signs, they may be identified to have varicocele -

  • Mild to moderate pain in testicles
  • Increase in pain over time
  • Experiencing swelling in the veins
  • Increased testicle size
  • A feeling of cyst in the testicle
  • Experiencing more pain while walking, sitting, and standing
  • Increased pain during physical exertion
  • Testicle swelling
  • The feeling of heaviness in testicles
  • Testicular strain
  • Experiencing a particular discomfort in the testicles or scrotum

Types of Varicocele

Varicocele is divided into the following two types -

  • Pressure type Varicocele

In this type of varicocele disease, blood in the veins related to sperm gets filled, causing a condition of inflammation in the testicles.

  • Shunt type Varicocele

It is a serious type of varicocele. Shunt type varicocele causes damage to the sperm vein and other veins due to abnormal blood flow. This condition highly affects the testicles on the left side, but this type of varicocele can affect the sperm production capacity of both testicles.

Complications of Varicocele

The problem of varicocele brings many complications for a person, including -

  • The problem of varicocele can lead to a decrease in a person's sperm production and sperm quality.
  • This problem can cause infertility in men.
  • There is a shrinkage of the testicles affected by varicocele.
  • This problem decreases the production of testosterone hormone.
  • Varicocele leads to an increase in the sperm count of malformed and ineffective.
  • In some cases varicocele increases over time, causing more pain in men.



what is varicocele?

A disorder known as varicocele causes the pampiniform plexus, or scrotal veins, to expand. You are receiving this information thanks to Jain's Cowurine Therapy.

Why does varicocele occur?

Blood pooling resulting from malfunctioning venous valves is a common cause of varicocele. Use Jain's Cowurine Therapy to learn more.

Is varicoceles common?

Yes, a sizable portion of males are affected by varicoceles, which are rather prevalent. Examine alternative therapies by using Jain's Cowurine Therapy.

How can varicocele be diagnosed?

A physical examination and maybe imaging studies are part of the diagnosis process. Seek comprehensive answers at Jain's Cowurine Therapy.

Can Varicocele cause infertility ?

Varicoceles may lead to male infertility by reducing sperm quality. Discover Ayurvedic methods at Cowurine Therapy by Jain.

Can varicocele be prevented?

Even while it's not always prevented, leading a healthy lifestyle can lower the chance. Discover more prophylactic methods using Jain's Cowurine Therapy.

What are the symptoms of Varicocele?

Scrotal discomfort or swelling are common symptoms. Seek Jain's Cowurine Therapy for natural relief.

Can varicocele only be treated by surgery?

No, there are other therapies available, such as Cowurine Therapy from Jain, which uses Ayurvedic techniques.

Can varicocele be painful?

Indeed, varicoceles can hurt or create discomfort, especially if you stand for a long time. Check out Jain's Cowurine Therapy's pain management options.

Can varicoceles be genetic?

A genetic propensity might exist, but it's not a given. Visit Jain's Cowurine Therapy to find out more about the contributing variables.

Is varicocele self-resolving?

Varicoceles may become well on their own in some situations. Visit Jain's Cowurine Therapy to learn about alternative therapies.

What is the benefit of Jain Cowurine Therapy for Varicocele?

Comprehensive Ayurvedic remedies are provided by Jain's Cowurine Therapy to enhance general reproductive health and reduce varicocele symptoms.

After therapy, is varicocele recurrent?

Recurrence is conceivable, though rare. Observe the post-treatment recommendations for a healthy way of living given by Jain's Cowurine Therapy.

Which age groups are more likely to experience varicocele?

It is most frequently seen in adolescence and the early stages of adulthood. Visit Jain's Cowurine Therapy to learn more about variables associated to ageing.

Do lifestyle modifications help control varicocele?

Managing varicocele can be aided by leading a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and diet. Investigate holistic living by using Cowurine Therapy, a Jain practice.

Is varicocele a symptom of another medical condition?

Varicoceles can occasionally be linked to further vascular or reproductive problems. Seek advice from professionals at Jain's Cowurine Therapy for thorough direction.

Can varicocele be cured with Ayurvedic treatments?

In addition to focusing on enhancing general wellbeing, Ayurvedic treatments from Jain's Cowurine Therapy may provide relief from the symptoms of varicocele.

How much time does recovery take following surgery for varicocele?

Recovery times vary, and post-operative care must be adhered to. Jain Cowurine Therapy offers direction for a seamless recuperation.

Can testosterone levels be impacted by varicocele?

Testosterone levels may be affected by varicoceles. Discover how Jain's Cowurine Therapy can help you maintain hormonal balance naturally.

Are there any support groups available for people who have varicocele?

Certain organisations offer assistance. Visit Jain's Cowurine Therapy to discover holistic techniques and connect with resources.

What Patients Are Saying

"Various studies have been conducted where Jain's Cow Urine Therapy has shown significant improvement in patients."