Scoliosis Treatment


It is believed that scoliosis is fairly common in India, with estimates ranging from 2% to 3% of the population being affected. This means that there could be millions of people in India who have scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a medical condition that refers to an abnormal curvature of the spine. In people with scoliosis, the spine may curve to the left or right, in an "S" or "C" shape, instead of being straight. This condition can occur in both children and adults and can range from mild to severe.

The spinal cord in a person's body is a group of bones of the back. This bone originates from the back of the brain and goes to the anus. The spinal cord is the basis of a person's body. It is the spinal cord that allows the body to stand upright. This also controls the nervous system. The spinal cord consists of various vertebrae. Through these vertebrates, it helps to keep the spine straight. In some circumstances, when the spinal cord is bent on one side, this problem is known as scoliosis.

The approach of Ayurveda to scoliosis treatment is holistic, meaning that it focuses on treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of the condition. Ayurvedic treatment for scoliosis usually involves a combination of diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal remedies, and physical therapies. These treatments are designed to help restore balance to the body and promote healing.

Some of the herbs commonly used in Ayurvedic treatment for scoliosis include ashwagandha, guggulu, and triphala. These herbs are believed to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which can help to reduce the symptoms of scoliosis.


Jain’s cow urine therapy clinic aims for a happy and healthy life by integrating ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with modern technology. Our therapy means cow urine including Ayurveda works on a person’s three doshas that are- The Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These tri-energies maintain our health, any imbalance in these doshas, is responsible for human’s health and disease. We are glad to say that we have seen so many positive results through our treatment. Thousands of people got rid of many diseases after taking our treatment.

Our patients not only put an end to their disease but also live a disease-free healthy life forever. This is the reason why people are getting attention towards our therapy. Our years of research in Ayurvedic treatments have helped us advance our methodology. We aim to reach as many people as we can to build a healthy and happy society all over the world.

Effective Treatment By Cow Urine Therapy

Jain’s Cow Urine Therapy promotes Ayurvedic remedies, treatments and therapies that are known worldwide for their efficient results.

Cow urine treatment for scoliosis helps to keep a check on uneven shoulders, waist and hips. It also helps to reduce fatigue and back pain. Cow urine therapy works on the root of the disease and helps to recover from the adverse symptoms of the disease and improves the quality of life.








Key herbs which makes the treatement more effective


This diligent herb known as an essential herbal remedy is used to treat a variety of infectious diseases, tremors, and inflammation. It may act as a pain reliever, stopping the central nervous system from passing through pain signals.


It may be useful for individuals suffering from scoliosis, reducing the effects, and preventing flare-ups due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, soothing, calming, and lubricating effect on the body.


Methi is an effective anti-inflammatory plant. Methi seeds perform outstandingly in pacifying Vata. Due to its anti-inflammatory benefits, Methi seeds are productive for scoliosis. The inclusion of linolenic and linoleic acid, petroleum ether extract has important anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activities.


Nirgundi is a special and effective ayurvedic herb that is used to treat a host of diseases such as scoliosis. Nirgundi effectively helps to relieve pain, stiffness, and associated complaints of scoliosis as it has potent anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and anti-oxidant properties that tend to sustain the joint's stable state in less time.


Boswellia Serrata Resin, the extract of Shallaki helps to treat scoliosis. It reduces swelling as well as stiffness in the inflamed joints because of its anti-inflammatory property. The analgesic benefits of Shallaki help ease arthritic pain and improve joint function, joint pain, arthritis, and chronic back and muscle pain.


Hadjod is endowed with countless useful components but is especially known for its large calcium and magnesium reserves. Hadjod might be useful in the building and functioning of bones. It is rich in vitamin C which increases the cells that build bones, increases the absorption of calcium, and also enhances the effect of another vitamin that helps in bone metabolism. So it is prescribed to help to keep the spinal cord healthy.


Haldi helps damaged spinal cords preserve the ability to walk. The anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin, the active ingredient of Haldi, tend to reduce discomfort and swelling from scoliosis. This supplement can help to repair nerve cells and help to maintain neurological function after suffering degenerative damage to the neck.


Mulethi root may have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial effects which are known to be beneficial in cases of scoliosis. It is effective to treat spinal cord pain as well as swelling of the neck.


Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects, Giloy can help alleviate the various symptoms of scoliosis. Giloy is a common source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, and zinc which functions well. It is a powerful immunomodulator that eases inflammation and rejuvenates the body and balances Tridosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).


It contains many vitamins, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents. These properties alleviate redness, discomfort, and swelling associated with joint movements that may be caused by arthritis and prior injuries.


Brahmi also contains naturally occurring Nitric Oxide, which plays a role in inflammation and pain perception. This also improves joint pain associated with arthritis, as well as muscle soreness.


It is a good treatment for muscle cramps and swelling. It's a good immune booster. The immune system is also strengthened by its high antioxidant content. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that promote the treatment of inflammation, pain, and swelling caused by scoliosis.


The anti-arthritis essence of Shankhpushpi helps with arthritis as an anti-inflammatory agent. Shankhpushpi has analgesic properties and its analgesic properties aid in the treatment of other debilitating conditions such as scoliosis.


One of the most important medicinal plants in Ayurveda. The plant has demonstrated important pharmacological efficacy, such as anti-arthritis, wound healing, hypolipidemic and antioxidant, which helps to reduce the risk of scoliosis.


Tulsi is as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs when it comes to alleviating the pain and inflammation of arthritis. The anti-arthritis role of Tulsi aids in the healing of arthritis. Tulsi reduces inflammation that induces metabolites in our bodies, leading to pain and other inflammatory symptoms. This increases the blood supply in the body and is also helpful in coping with swelling of some sort of the body.


An anti-inflammatory compound of Lahsun powder, such as diallyl disulfide, reduces the symptoms of pro-inflammatory cytokines and can help to alleviate symptoms of scoliosis. It can help combat inflammation and can also help prevent arthritis cartilage injury.


By its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, Rasna is effective in treating arthritis. It helps to reduce inflammation and joint pain. Oxidative tension is therefore decreased due to its antioxidant effects.


Chopchini can treat symptoms of a disorder like scoliosis due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory impact. Problems such as inflammation, muscle weakness, and stiffness may be effectively handled with Chopchini, which acts as an ayurvedic part. Due to its Ushna (hot) strength, Chopchini also contributes to the minimization of Ama.


Shalparni tends to properly treat the effects of this disease through the presence of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory constituents. It prevents the action of certain chemicals that cause inflammation. This lowers the pain and swelling of the joint.

Tarpin Ka Tel

It helps to alleviate muscle discomfort caused by a back injury. Tarpin ka tel works well to get rid of recurrent backaches. It is also effective to alleviate pressure on the body, such as joint pain, muscle pain, and nerve pain, by administering it to the affected area. It produces a warm feeling that tends to reduce the condition of scoliosis.

Til Oil

Til oil is a supplement considered to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that make it healthy. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that can help treat symptoms of scoliosis.


It is helpful in alleviating pain, inflammation, and swelling due to arthritis. An individual can be diverted from the pain by the hot or cold stimuli that occur after the use of Kapoor.

Dalchini Powder

It is rich in a solid pharmaceutical agent with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. These properties are useful for the treatment of scoliosis by reducing discomfort and inflammation. Dalchini powder obtained from tree bark has properties that can minimize arthritis pain by inhibiting cell damage.

Jaiphal Powder

The anti-inflammatory properties of Jaiphal powder are effective in the treatment of joint and muscle aches. Jaiphal powder contains basic volatile oils with significant anti-inflammatory effects such as myristicin, elemicin, eugenol, and safrole, which are well known to alleviate muscle and joint pain and minimize swelling.

Lawang Powder

Since it has anti-inflammatory effects, it has been used as an expectorant to treat inflammation. It needs chemicals that can help to alleviate discomfort and swelling. A natural anesthetic, the active ingredient eugenol, helps to numb and minimize pain.


The goal is to remedy the mismatch of the doshas responsible for causing the pain in one's body by concentrating on the rooting of the condition rather than providing symptomatic relief. It includes Vata equilibrium and reciprocal (diuretic) properties as well as appetizer and digestive properties that help to treat scoliosis.


A type of fatty acid in ghee called butyrate has been associated with an inflammation-related immune system response. Ghee is very helpful for a person with joint pain and arthritis. It acts to soothe pain, lubricate joints and reduce joint inflammation caused by arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory effects.


We use gojala in our cow-urine therapy, basically it means cow-urine extract, the main component in our medicine. This extract is made of the urine of the indigenous breeds of cow. Gojala has its own benefits because it’s beyond the possibility of any kind of contamination. It has high quality and is abundant. When gojala mixed with ayurvedic herbs it becomes more effective to treat any disease and favourable to the consequence of the particular disease. This extract is superimly tested and that’s why it’s more trustable and beneficial as well.

Quality of Life

Remedy with cow urine brings accurate fitness and maintains the doshas in order. Today as an end result of our medication human beings are continuously enhancing their health. It improves the condition of their day-to-day life. Ayurvedic drugs alongside cow urine can serve as a complementary remedy to limit a range of reactions that come from the usage of heavy doses, mental pressure, radiations, and chemotherapies. We inform humans how to live a joyful and anxiety-free life with an untreatable disorder if any. Thousands of human beings live a balanced lifestyle after taking our remedy and it’s a big achievement for us to provide them a life they dream of.

Complication Prevention

In Ayurveda, cow urine has a special place that is often said to be helpful for scoliosis. Our years of painstaking work prove that using our herbs eliminates almost all complications of Scoliosis. Our treatment gives a great relief in backache, uneven shoulder, shoulder pain, complaining of constipation, one blade of shoulder looking higher than other blades, inequality in the waist, respiratory problems, nervous function, abnormal menstrual periods of women with high pain, not having the same height of the bones of the shoulders, etc. Along with this, it improves the immune system of the patient which controls other complications of scoliosis. 

Reducing Drug Dependency

“Sarve bhavantu sukhinah, Sarve santu niramayah, Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, Maa kaschit dukha bhag-bhavet" means let all be pleased, let all be free of illness, let all see the truth, let no one suffer. We would like our culture to be like this by adopting this motto. Our therapy accomplishes this by delivering efficient care, enhancing the life expectancy of affected patients, and reducing drug dependency. In this new world, our treatment has more benefits and fewer negatives than any medicinal solutions available.

Causes of Scoliosis

Several reasons can be responsible for scoliosis, including -

  • Family history

A family history of scoliosis can be troublesome to another person. If a family member has had scoliosis, it is possible that another person is also at risk of the disease due to heredity.

  • Cerebral palsy

A person's cerebral palsy affects a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture. This paralysis occurs due to abnormal brain development or damage to the developing brain. This brain damage causes problems in the spinal cord associated with them, which increases the chances of a person having scoliosis.

  • Muscle problems

Some muscle and nerve disorders such as muscular dystrophy can be considered responsible for regenerating the spinal cord. Muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases that cause muscle damage and progressive weakness that can cause scoliosis.

  • Spina bifida

A birth defect called spina bifida in which incomplete development of the spinal cord or its covering causes scoliosis. When the baby's spine does not close properly in the first month of pregnancy, they have a problem with spina bifida, which later leads to scoliosis.

  • Spinal cord injuries

A spinal injury can cause the bone to turn sideways and increase the risk of scoliosis. A spinal injury puts pressure on the nerves and affects their shape by damaging the spine. This injury can happen due to accidents, sports, falls, alcohol consumption, etc. and the person may have scoliosis.

  • Spinal cord infection

Some bacteria and viruses attack the spinal cord and infect it. This microbial bacteria reaches the bones mainly through the blood. Some pus-causing micro-GV bacteria can cause serious infections in bones. In the loss of which a person has to face a problem like scoliosis.

  • Malnutrition

Lack of nutrients in the diet makes a person malnourished. For a long time, when the body of a person does not get the necessary balanced diet, their immunity becomes very weak. Due to which they easily fall prey to many such diseases which directly affect their spinal cord and activate scoliosis.

  • Other reason

There are many other reasons that can cause the problem of scoliosis. These reasons include one leg being taller than the other leg, lifting heavyweight at a young age, sitting in the wrong posture, walking, and doing the wrong exercise can also cause a person to have scoliosis.


Prevention from Scoliosis

By making a small change in lifestyle and making some efforts, a person can prevent the condition of scoliosis from developing more -

  • One should consume a healthy diet regularly.
  • A person suffering from scoliosis should include yoga and asanas in his daily routine that provide strength to his spine.
  • The person should avoid lifting heavyweights.
  • The person should undergo regular checks for any other spinal deviation.
  • Regular testing of the spine should be done in young children and newborns.
  • The person should undergo extensive treatment of the underlying diseases of the spine.
  • Some precautions and caution can save a person from spinal cord injury.
  • A person should abandon habits like smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • A strong immunity can help protect a person from any infection.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

The following symptoms and signs indicate scoliosis:

  • Aching back
  • Uneven shoulder
  • Aching shoulder
  • Pain in back
  • Constipation complain
  • One-shoulder blade looks higher than another blade
  • Ass going outwards
  • Waist inequality
  • Respiratory problems
  • Slowing of nervous activity
  • Unusual and painful menstruation for women
  • Unequal ass bones


Types of Scoliosis

Scoliosis can occur in various forms including -

  • Congenital scoliosis

Birth scoliosis is the type of scoliosis that occurs at birth with infants. Due to the failure of the spinal vertebrae to form properly, the spinal cord is not straightened, leading to birth scoliosis.

  • Neuromuscular scoliosis

If a person has any kind of nervous system problem, they have neuromuscular scoliosis. Cerebral paresis, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, and spinal cord injury are many factors that affect the nervous system and a person has to face the problem of neuromuscular scoliosis.

  • Adolescents idiopathic scoliosis

This type of scoliosis develops slowly. Adolescents' idiopathic scoliosis usually occurs during or after rapid development in adolescence. Mostly this problem is seen in women with spinal curvature. 

  • Degenerative scoliosis

A person has degenerative scoliosis as a result of the damaged spinal cord. Degenerative scoliosis is mainly related to arthritis which usually becomes more severe with aging.

Complications of Scoliosis

A person also has to face many other complications while having scoliosis. These complications include -

  • In severe scoliosis, the person starts having breathing problems.
  • A person's lungs may be damaged.
  • Untreated scoliosis can damage the heart.
  • The shape of a person's body is distorted.
  • The person has constant pain in the lower back.
  • A person's self-esteem begins to decline.
  • A person remains in constant pain due to broken bones of the spine.
  • The person may have severe long-term physical and emotional problems.



Can Ayurveda cure scoliosis completely?

Our Ayurvedic treatment aims to restore balance to the body and promote healing from within. While there is no cure for scoliosis, Ayurvedic treatments can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort associated with the condition, as well as improve overall well-being.

What are some Ayurvedic remedies for scoliosis?

Our Ayurvedic remedies for scoliosis may include herbal remedies such as ashwagandha, guggulu, and triphala, which are believed to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Additionally, our Ayurvedic jain cow urine therapy helps reduce tension in the muscles and joints, promote relaxation, and improve overall well-being.

Is Ayurvedic treatment safe for scoliosis?

Our Ayurvedic treatments for scoliosis are generally safe when administered properly.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition characterized by a lateral curvature of the spine. Jain's Cowurine Therapy recognizes the impact of Scoliosis on overall well-being.

What causes Scoliosis?

Scoliosis can have various causes, including congenital factors, neuromuscular conditions, or idiopathic reasons. Jain's Cowurine Therapy emphasizes a holistic approach to understanding these causes.

How is Scoliosis diagnosed?

Diagnosing Scoliosis typically involves physical examinations, imaging studies, and medical history assessments. Jain's Cowurine Therapy supports comprehensive diagnostic approaches.

Can Scoliosis be prevented?

While some forms of Scoliosis are preventable, others may not be. Jain's Cowurine Therapy promotes awareness of preventive measures through a balanced lifestyle.

What are the common symptoms of Scoliosis?

Common symptoms include uneven shoulders, one shoulder blade sticking out more than the other, and an asymmetrical waist. Jain's Cowurine Therapy addresses these symptoms naturally.

Is Scoliosis more common in certain age groups?

Scoliosis can develop at any age, but it often starts in adolescence. Jain's Cowurine Therapy recognizes the importance of early detection and intervention, especially in younger individuals.

How does Jain's Cowurine Therapy approach Scoliosis?

Jain's Cowurine Therapy takes a holistic approach, combining traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern understanding to support individuals dealing with Scoliosis.

Are there Ayurvedic remedies for Scoliosis?

Jain's Cowurine Therapy offers Ayurvedic remedies that may include herbal formulations, lifestyle modifications, and dietary recommendations tailored to individuals with Scoliosis.

Can Scoliosis affect internal organs?

Severe cases of Scoliosis may impact the positioning of internal organs. Jain's Cowurine Therapy emphasizes the importance of managing Scoliosis to prevent complications.

How often should one undergo check-ups for Scoliosis?

Regular check-ups are advisable, especially for individuals at higher risk or those already diagnosed. Jain's Cowurine Therapy advocates for proactive health management.

Is surgery the only option for treating Scoliosis?

While surgery may be recommended in severe cases, Jain's Cowurine Therapy explores non-invasive approaches first, including Ayurvedic interventions and lifestyle adjustments.

Can Ayurvedic treatments complement medical care?

Yes, Ayurvedic treatments from Jain's Cowurine Therapy can complement medical care by addressing overall well-being, reducing discomfort, and supporting the body's natural healing processes.

Does Jain's Cowurine Therapy provide personalized plans?

Yes, Jain's Cowurine Therapy offers personalized Ayurvedic plans considering individual health conditions, preferences, and the severity of Scoliosis.

Are there dietary recommendations for Scoliosis?

Jain's Cowurine Therapy may suggest dietary modifications, emphasizing nutrient-rich foods to support bone health and overall wellness for individuals with Scoliosis.

Can yoga and exercises help with Scoliosis?

Jain's Cowurine Therapy may recommend specific yoga postures and exercises to improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, and alleviate discomfort associated with Scoliosis.

Is Scoliosis hereditary?

There is a genetic component to some forms of Scoliosis. Jain's Cowurine Therapy acknowledges the importance of understanding familial factors in managing Scoliosis.

Can adults develop Scoliosis?

Yes, adults can develop Scoliosis, either due to age-related changes or as a progression of a pre-existing condition. Jain's Cowurine Therapy provides holistic care for all age groups.