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Neurological Disorders

In all 150 male and 50 female patients of age between 23 to 70 years with the mean age of 44.15 years had been treated as under
Name of disease No. of patients Average age of patient Average duration of disease Average Time of relief
Insomnia 70 42.14 years 5.96 years 2.5 months
Enxiety and associated disorders 50 52.8 years 6 years 1.8 months
Depression 50 39.2 years 5 years 2 months
Weak memory 20 34 years 7.5 years 1.3 months
Lustlessness 10 60 years 20 years 2 months
Neurological Disorders 200 44.15 years 6.58 years 1.92 months

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Pharmacological activities based upon research

It is nervinetonic, Relaxant,  it increases learning performance, Brain-tonic, schizontocidal, CNS stimulant,  anti-stress, (यह तंत्रिकातंतु वर्ध्दक है, तंत्रिका शामक है| ग्रहणशीलता बढाने वाला टानिक है|)  Antioxidant (शाइजोन्टनाशक), immunostimulant (केंद्रीय मस्तिष्क प्रवर्धक), Immunomodulator (प्रतिरोधक्षमता जनन), Alertness (अवसाद हर), Tranquilizing (वयस्थापक दक्षताकारक), Intellect promoting (चित्तप्रसादक) , Anti-epileptic (बुध्दिवर्धक), Anti-anxiety (चिंताहर एवं उन्मादहर औषधि है|)

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