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Cancer (Benign or malignant)

In all 150 male and 100 felale patients of age between 23 years to 82 years with the mean age of 50.76 years had been treated as under.

Name of disease No. of patients Average age of patient Average duration of disease Average Time of relief
Ovarian Tumour 10 61 years 2 years 2.5 months
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy 20 61.5 years 1.5 years 3.8 months
Renal Cell Carcinoma 10 68 years 2 years 2.8 months
Breast Cancer 50 45 years 3.66 years 3.5 months
CLL 20 60.5 years 3.41 years 2 months
Tubercullar Lymphadenopathy 10 34 years 10 years 1.9 months
Cervical Cancer 10 56 years 3 years 3.2 months
Uterine Fibroid 20 41.5 years 2 years 2.2 months
Prostate Cancer 10 62 years 1 year 3.1 months
Urinary Bladder Cancer 10 55 years 1 year 3.5 months
Neurofibroma 10 39 years 25 years 1.8 months
Throat Cancer 20 64 years 0.54 year 3.4 months
Sub Mucous Fibrosis 30 35.66 years 4.33 years 2.4 months
Oral Cancer 20 53.3 years 3 years 3.6 months
Acute lymphoblastic Cancer 15 35 years 3 years 2.3 months
Cancer (Benign or malignant) 250 50.76 years 3.84 years 2.8 months

The above study was based on the symptomatic relief found to the patient undergoing our treatment. The symptomatic relief signifies the improvement in physical conditions like low diet, difficulty in swallowing, constipation, vomiting, sever pain and other problems. Further various researches have been done and going on which signifies its role as follows:

(US Patent #6410059): Cow Urine in a specific amount is scientifically proven to enhance the anti-microbial effects of antibiotic and antifungal agents. The invention relates to a novel use of cow urine as activity enhancer and availability facilitator for bioactive molecules, including anti-infective agents. The invention has direct implication in drastically reducing the dosage of antibiotics, drugs and anti-infective agent while increasing the efficiency of absorption of bio-active molecules, thereby reducing the cost of treatment and also the side-effects due to toxicity.
(US Patents #6896907, #7235262): Use of bioactive fraction from cowurine (`go-mutra`) as a bio-enhancer of anti-infective, anti-cancer agents and nutrients. The invention relates to a novel pharmaceutical composition comprising an effective amount of bio-active fraction from cow urine as a bioavailability facilitator and pharmaceutically acceptable additives selected from anticancer compounds, antibiotics, drugs, therapeutic and nutraceutic agents, ions and similar molecules which are targeted to the living systems.

Hence it heps in reducing the growth of cancer cells, improving the quality of life and life expectancy

of the patient.


Furthur the hebals used in our products have been researched based on modern scientific study, establishing the Pharmacological activities by CSIR as follows

the herbal are Anticancer (यह कर्क रोग नाशक), Anti-tumor (अर्बुद नाशक), Anti-inflammatory (शोथ नाशक), Antioxidant (वयतानाशक), Analgesic (दर्द निवारक), Antipyretic (ज्वर नाशक), Antispasmodic (ऐंठन नाशक), Anti neoplastic (नियोप्लास्टिक वृध्दि नाशक),   Anti-stress (क्षय एवं ह्रासनाशक है), Cytotoxic effect on Monolayer cell line from a mouth Carcinoma, Anti- ulcer, Antibacterial, Immunostimulator.(सामान्यतः व्रणरोपक, प्रतिजैविक गुणो से भरपूर, शारीरिक प्रतिरोधी तंत्र को बढाने वाला तथा अर्बुद संरचना के सतही पर्तो को नष्ट करके कर्क रोग के अभिमुखीय वृध्दि को रोकता है)


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